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We’re a 501(c)(3)non-profit created specifically to promote health and wellness for musicians and those that work for them: producers, songwriters, engineers, managers, roadies & bus drivers.

We operate on a local and national level, to ensure joy from music stays a part of our culture and society.

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With over 500,000 visitors from 53 countries for 3 glorious days in May we were able to raise $80,000 for our micro-grant program.

We thank our sponsors AAA and W Hotels Worldwide and our producers at Our People Entertainment and Hashtag Multimedia and invite you to share in the memories and keep the dream alive. We love you Philly!!!

Musicians need our help.

With music unions a thing of the past outside of the classical world, over 1 million musicians young and old in the United States remain work-for-hires or self-employed artists. Crossing all demographics, musicians, and those who support them, struggle to afford health care while they also exist in unhealthy working conditions, such as constant touring, and lifestyles that further compound an already precarious health and wellness balance in their lives.

The situation is profound and the need widespread. And although pockets of local support systems are set up for working musicians, typically through universities and a smattering of generalized organizations with broad-based initiatives, there is a profound lack of awareness in the general public, and an enormous lack of resources and wasted opportunities to help those who inspire us the most.

Backstage Clinic

With the ability to roll into any festival, concert or event, Thirty Amp Circuit’s Backstage Clinicis a pop-up medical center that brings services directly to musicians at their place of work. We colonize a backstage space, turning it into a cozy, relaxed and experiential health and wellness center. Artists and their support staff can either drop in or make an appointment in advance.

Backstage Clinic visitors may choose from any of our individual services or walk through the Circuit and experience all of our four core offerings.

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CenterStage Events raise awareness and funding for Thirty Amp Circuit’s healthcare and wellness initiatives.

In addition to revenue generated by Ticket Sales, Merchandise, Record Sales and Sponsorship, each event also creates invaluable content and marketing tools that that build a wonderful ecosystem to foster future private contributions, business development, and public awareness of the need for musicians’ healthcare.

Last event:
Ivan Neville: Through The Years
Live at Le Petit Theatre

May 2019

Next event:
Ivan + Anders + Stanton + George
at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art

April 2020

30 Amp Circuit in Philadelphia
30 Amp Philly logo

While 30Amp prides itself on its international reach, we continue to act locally as well with our Philly initiative.

In addition to various community outreach programs and events, 30Amp is creating Philly’s first brick and mortar musicians’ clinic which will be expanded to serve artists of all mediums and host a holistic care unit that teaches supplemental health practices including mindfulness, yoga, nutrition, and personal care.

30amp has been following the model of our mentors at the New Orleans Musicians Clinic. With strong local support from the medical and professional world we look forward to this dream coming true.

Our Founders

Andy Hurwitz, Esq.

Andy Blackman Hurwitz is a celebrated Philadelphia attorney known for his extensive music industry experience, the label he started (ropeadope), and his fascination with music.

Dr. Ari Greis

Dr. Ari Greis is a prominent Philadelphia doctor known for his research with the Rothman Institute at Thomas Jefferson University, his work as the head of pain management for the Philadelphia Eagles, and his unbridled passion for music.

Ivan Neville

Ivan Neville is one of the greatest living musicians of our time, a New Orleans treasure. He inherited his love of music from his family – his father, Aaron, and his uncles comprised the Neville Brothers (Ivan was a band member).

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We support a tiny staff of wonderful humans that help serve our artists by all means necessary. Without our team none of our work would be possible on any level.

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Thirty Amp Circuit is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit.

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30 Amp Circuit is a Philadelphia-based non-profit founded by us who've seen the industry and its needs from the inside, bringing musicians the healthcare and attention they've sorely needed. But that's not all.

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