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Bag Of Dreams

Posted November 26th
Bag of Dreams --- the cornerstone of our Winter Fundraiser. Wish ALL OF IT...could be turned into...a bag of dreams
We are always thankful for all the struggles we encounter on this path. And so proud of the strengh we have helped build.

The "Ultimate" Reissue.

Posted November 11st
Brewerytown records is always bringing the real philly sh*t. This ulitmate reissue of the Ultiamtes is the ultimate new (old) 45: “Why I Love You” on the A side and “Gotta Get Out” on the flip. Pick yours up now This is a true gem - three young girls from West Philly recorded @ #sigmasound circa 1973 - #lostclassic indeed .


Posted November 2nd
A true Philly legend. An inspiration on every possible level. Thank you for blessing us all.
The surprise of the night at the Kuf & Christine 30amp Brownstone Sessions was when 30amps Artist Director Kimberly Landle jumped in with Just Mad Nice and improvised a dance on this amazing piece. Beyond beautiful. This is Art people!
In it's 5th year the Philly Music Fest (a non-profit like us!) was totally sold-out on every level and clearly demonstarated why Philly can compete (and beat) any city in a battle of the bands. Great job to our attorney Greg Seltzer and his wife Jen for putting this whole thing togehter.
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