Relief Efforts

Relief Efforts

Click below to donate immediately to 30amp's fund to help our local artists and musicians. We will be handing out $330 micro-grants to as many qualified individuals as we can. These people are hit the hardest and we need them the most, and are deeply affected by the Coronavirus outbreak and related economic downturn.

Artists in need: fill out the grant application form using the button below. Our definition of Artists includes not only Musicians but creators and performers of all mediums, including dance, theater and fine arts.

Important message for certain Grant Applicants

Due to the overwhelming number of applicants to our Covid-19 fund we have been experiencing delays in our process of receiving, reviewing, voting on and ultimately paying these micro-grants.

  1. If you have not heard back from us within 5 days of applying saying that we are in receipt of your application please let us know by sending a follow up email to
  2. If you are in serious need and need immediate help please let us know and we will pay special attention to your case but please — these are only for emergencies. (3) We are now looking at 14 business days to complete applications from time they come in so keep that in mind.

Backstage Clinic

With the ability to roll into any festival, concert or event, Thirty Amp Circuit’s Backstage Clinic is a pop-up medical center that brings services directly to musicians at their place of work.

We colonize a backstage space, turning it into a cozy, relaxed and experiential health and wellness center. Artists and their support staff can either drop in or make an appointment in advance. Backstage Clinic visitors may choose from any of our individual services or walk through the Circuit and experience each of our four core offerings:

Image for "Piss & Blood"

Piss & Blood

Early Prevention

A simple finger prick of blood and a small sample of urine can save your life.

Image for "Healthcare"



Spend 5 minutes with one of our licensed social workers and learn the full spectrum of health care options available to you now and in the future.

Image for "Body & Soul"

Body & Soul


Custom meditation programs built for musicians both on stage and off.

Image for "The Dr. Is In "

The Dr. Is In

Peace of Mind

Whatever’s ailing you on the road or if you just need a Doctor to talk with - we got you. We will connect you with our support network wherever you are traveling next.

You leave the Backstage Clinic with a gift bag of awesome health tools, and are automatically enrolled in our program providing continued support, programs and resources long after the show’s over.