Relief Efforts

Relief Efforts

Click below to donate immediately to 30amp's fund to help our local artists and musicians. We will be handing out $330 micro-grants to as many qualified individuals as we can. These people are hit the hardest and we need them the most, and are deeply affected by the Coronavirus outbreak and related economic downturn.

Artists in need: fill out the grant application form using the button below. Our definition of Artists includes not only Musicians but creators and performers of all mediums, including dance, theater and fine arts.

Important message for certain Grant Applicants

Due to the overwhelming number of applicants to our Covid-19 fund we have been experiencing delays in our process of receiving, reviewing, voting on and ultimately paying these micro-grants.

  1. If you have not heard back from us within 5 days of applying saying that we are in receipt of your application please let us know by sending a follow up email to
  2. If you are in serious need and need immediate help please let us know and we will pay special attention to your case but please — these are only for emergencies. (3) We are now looking at 14 business days to complete applications from time they come in so keep that in mind.

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About Us

With music unions a thing of the past (outside of the Classical world), over 1 million musicians young and old in the United States remain work-for-hires or self-employed artists.

Across all demographics, musicians and those who support them struggle to afford health care while simultaneously being subject to unhealthy working conditions such as constant touring, long performances sometimes subject to the elements, and lifestyles that further compound an already precarious health and wellness balance in their lives.

The situation is profound and the need widespread. And although pockets of local support systems are set up for working musicians, typically through universities and a smattering of generalized organizations with broad-based initiatives, there is a profound lack of awareness in the general public, and an enormous lack of resources and wasted opportunities to help those who inspire us the most.

Thirty Amp Circuit helps musicians through:

  • Backstage Clinics - bringing health and wellness to musicians and those who support them, at their place of work.

  • Center Stage Events - banding musicians together to raise awareness and funding for the healthcare plight of those who inspire us through their art.

This is only the beginning! Founded by a music industry veteran, a celebrated doctor, and one of the most important musicians of our time, we are a small non-profit that thinks big.

Our Founders

Andy Hurwitz, Esq.

Andy Blackman Hurwitz is a celebrated Philadelphia attorney known for his extensive music industry experience, the label he started (ropeadope), and his fascination with music.

Dr. Ari Greis

Dr. Ari Greis is a prominent Philadelphia doctor known for his research with the Rothman Institute at Thomas Jefferson University, his work as the head of pain management for the Philadelphia Eagles, and his unbridled passion for music.

Ivan Neville

Ivan Neville is one of the greatest living musicians of our time, a New Orleans treasure. He inherited his love of music from his family – his father, Aaron, and his uncles comprised the Neville Brothers (Ivan was a band member).